We’re passionate about developing elegant, cutting-edge web and mobile experiences. Our development productions engage millions of users, deliver results, and set our client partners ahead of the competition. And we’re ready to make your business come alive and thrive on the web, using sustainable technologies that will keep your online presence at the forefront of today’s – and tomorrow’s – digital best practices.


Custom Website Design

Stradigys designs high-performance, cost-effective custom websites that can do whatever your business requires. From intensely creative multimedia sites for the film and entertainment industry, to ecommerce sites for digital shopping experiences, we create highly effective sites with clean, custom code for a one-of-kind web experience.

Web Apps

Many companies partner with Stradigys to launch sites with custom business web apps that serve a variety of customer needs, like collecting and distributing data, booking appointments, managing files and information, and much more. Connect with us on our contact page to discuss your company’s web app and custom software development needs.

Web Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Whether built on a dedicated mobile app platform or customized for handheld web browsers, mobile experiences are fast eclipsing those designed solely for desktop computing. Smartphones are ubiquitous, and with people spending more and more time on them, your brand should be moving to adapt its media and messaging to the mobile space through dedicated applications, mobile-ready websites and mobile advertising.


Beautifully interactive and rich with multimedia, eMagazines are the perfect way to take in long-form content on digital devices like tablets. Today, print brochures, books and presentations can reach a much wider audience with an eMagazine version, and being easy to update gives these editions greater shelf life and distribution potential.



Social Media Community Management

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are some of the world’s most frequented websites, and marketers treat them as valuable communication channels. Social media lets brands react to the marketplace in real time, offering deals, promotions, direct communication with customers and other benefits. The chance to create brand evangelists who willingly share your content with their own networks is the ultimate return on investment. Stradigys can set up and manage your content and conversations, run Social Media Marketing (paid campaigns) and Social Media Optimization (community building), spread your brand message and keep you visible in the social space.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of best practices for pushing your web properties higher in search results. Leading search engines like Google and Yahoo use a variety of complex algorithms to connect search terms to relevant content. We help increase your rank by making your website more relevant and reachable through the strategic use of keywords and phrases, as well as by optimizing its technical setup so the site is readily found and indexed by search engines.


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